September 30th, 2011

An Announcement to The General Assembly of OccupyToronto - A Call to Arms


We had a great turn out of Occupiers last night to our first General Assembly. It ran fairly informal but we had some great discussion and ideas thrown out. One amazing thing I have been seeing is that people come to these meetings, share what they are doing and work with the rest of us to establish our goals as well! So you all want an update on where the Occupation stands. Well here it is!

1. Emails have been established for each committee, as the movement grows more committees will develop, and sub-committees will be required. For now we focus on four.

Legal Aid - - Contact them if you are willing to work with the development of our legal support.

Media - - The media team has been growing well. We are not accepting anymore volunteers, at least for the day, so we can regroup and organize ourselves.

Logistics - - The logistics committee is in dire need of support and volunteer staff. Anyone experienced in this field, we would love your help. Even if you don’t have experience with it, the way we can learn and develop together will only empower you as individuals and unite us as a group. Logistics is going to need A LOT of volunteers. During the occupation Food will become its own committee, however any interest in working with our kitchen and our food team, please contact logistics. 

Outreach - - Last night the assembly concluded that outreach is our most vital action right now. Outreach is in need of people with relations to labour unions, NGOs, Grass-root activist organizations, and human rights organizations. We cannot successfully occupy without the support of all of these individuals and organizations. Already many Unions have stood and marched with Occupy Wall St. and only through the constant communication with the organizations around us will we find solidarity. If you are interested in working with the outreach committee, please contact them.

2. The Assembly last night had some amazing dialogue, before and after the Assembly we broke off into groups swapping around ideas and opinions for what we’d like to see. None of them are on a consesus as the group of us did not want to speak for the rest of you. What we can say is this. OccupyToronto and OccupyWallStreet are about offering space for constant and consistent direct democratic action. While we understand that all of us have lives and things we’d rather be doing, it is crucial that if you support this movement, we ask you to offer whatever you can, be it time, knowledge, supplies, or an idea. Only through the shared efforts of the people, will we see any change. Only through constant pressure on banking institutions and the government will they learn that the people are speaking, and will continue until we are heard and obeyed.

3. We are reaching out to a wide variety of organizations and individuals. Through their shared expertise, the forum OccupyTO is providing, and the impassioned interest of you,the people, will we find our voice. To help aid in that formulation, every DAY we will be providing a curriculum of talks, speakers, forums, working groups that you can attend. If you are the artistic type, a creation lab will be available that you can work with other artists and activists to make signs, design chants, edit movies, MAKE movies. If you are an activist share your time in planning direct action through the Occupy Movement. A business owner? Tell your story at the Local Economics forum. There are going to be so many ways people can share, learn, and work with each other. We hope the movement becomes more than a protest, more than a series of marches - but a space where people can come and help awaken the new global consciousness. However, we NEED your help. Only with your support and efforts can we achieve these great ideas! So contact the committees, talk to us on facebook, question us through Tumblr. We will welcome any and all help!

We love You, for You are Us. We are the 99%. Expect Us.

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